Guide to Home Ownership with Konn

Guide to Home Ownership with Konn

Buying and building a home is complicated, stressful, and time consuming; but it doesn’t have to be. In addition to offering homes like no other in the Jordan and Saudi Arabian markets, Konn has streamlined the buying process making it easy, exciting, and enjoyable to buy a new home. Home ownership with Konn only take a few steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Home

Konn customers can design their future homes online through the Design Studio. Customers can choose their home size, design theme, and add ons from the comfort of their living rooms. All prices are transparent and found online and customers get what they pay for, so for example if a customer wants PV panels (highly recommended), that’s great! If not, that’s okay too! Once a customer has configured their ideal home, they submit their information and the architectural team at Konn will get in touch to arrange for a meeting

Step 2: Get To Know Us

Once a customer has submitted their information, they are invited to the office for a discovery meeting. If the customer is not available to meet in person, a video call can be arranged for. In the discovery meeting, the architectural team further understands the customers needs and understand the environment of which the home will be built on. If land is not available, the Konn team can provide several options (see here to learn more about Konn packages). At this point, the team requests a copy of the land deed to fully understand the topography.

Step 3: View The Options

At this point, the architects will provide a preliminary site plan which shows the ideal place for the home to be placed on the land and is shared with the customer. Upon approval, the customer places a small deposit.

Step 4: Second Meeting

Konn obtains 3rd party soil tests and surveying for accurate topography measurements.  Based on the results, a detailed site plan is delivered that includes a comprehensive architectural plan, 3D renders of the home along with any requested exterior works such as BBQ area, swimming pool, and landscaping.

Based on this detailed site plan, the customer meets with the architectural team to review the details, make any amendments, and ask any questions they might have on the process. In this meeting the final price is presented to the customer along with the contract.  Once its signed the first payment is made and the building process officially begins.

Step 5: Permits (Don’t worry, no effort needed!)

Konn handles all building permits on their customers’ behalf from local municipalities and other authorities. Once the building permits are obtained, construction can officially begin!

Step 6: Construction

Once the permits are received, the factory receives the order to start manufacturing the walls. In parallel, the foundation is poured. At this point customers make their second and final payment and the walls are delivered to the site. While they are being assembled, customers make their final design selections, such as paint color, flooring, and other finishes.

Step 7: Handover

Within 8-10 weeks of receiving the building permits, the keys are handed over and the home is ready to be lived in. Customers take a tour with the site engineers to be introduced to the home and are given a brief on key touchpoints like the electrical grid, water pipes, and heating system.

If you’re ready to start your home ownership journey with Konn, get started by designing your home online today!