About Us

Konn is a construction technology company that provides modular housing solutions through technology. Konn Technologies was established as an offshoot of Uraiqat Architects (UA), a Jordanian architectural firm founded and led by Basel and Basma Uraiqat, architects, and business and life partners. The idea started as an internal experimentation project within the company, to explore the concepts of modularity in the construction of homes, and how technology and online platforms can enable the design, manufacturing, and delivery of quality homes in a short time.

This initiative opened the doors to a large opportunity to provide a housing solution for the large shortage and growing demand for sustainable homes in Jordan and the MENA region.

The project started to grow and expand internally until, in 2020 and during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdown, a new company was established as Konn Technologies. Konn and UA are now merged into one team that comprises of more than 30 architects, engineers, designers, technologists, marketers and sales experts that work together around the clock to design, manufacture, build, and deliver homes for the MENA region. We work through a digital platform where customers can choose and customize their home, order it, and have it completed within 8 weeks.

The most essential enabler of this is collaboration and innovation. Our team works through an iterative process where the exchange of knowledge and expertise enables the generation of new modes of thinking, that place customers at the heart of its operation.

Konn is a partnership- based company that works through a large network of suppliers, manufacturers, consultants and experts that work together hand in hand to create win-win solutions across the whole value chain, from the customer to the contractors and manufacturers to society as a whole. We aspire to create positive change in the housing construction industry through technology


What we believe in?

We believe that better homes make better lives, and our mission is to make home ownership a seamless journey through technology. Our approach is a multi-disciplinary one where design, engineering, construction, technology, manufacturing, and supply chains integrate to revolutionize the construction industry and to make homes in the MENA region better, faster, and more affordable.


What is Konn about

We design homes for the needs and requirements of the MENA region, we engineer them to be manufactured offsite as components in specialized factories that are distributed in various locations, and we assemble them onsite in a fraction of the time of traditional construction. The pillars of this are: Productization, Industrialization, and Digitization.

Konn is a one-stop-shop tech-enabled solution for sustainable homes that bring delight from the selection to construction and ownership.


homes are designed as products that are user centric, data driven, prototyped, tested, iterated, and then released to the market for production.


homes are designed as components that are manufactured and assembled as an industrial production line, where standardization and efficiency ensure quality.


from the customer interface where they can choose their homes to the manufacturing and supply chain operations to sales and marketing to home assembly and QC, Konn’s processes are digitally enabled to ensure data is captured for continuous improvement.

Our Partners