Hassle Free Process

Building an independent home is possibly the most shared dream between humans today and throughout history. It is the embodiment of individual achievement and at the core of the safety of every family. Yet the process of building your dream home can be too complicated for most people.


Konn Homes is Your Solution to Many Common Buying Problems

Here's how we are different

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Build  House
Konn Home
Predictable quality, time, and cost
Easy financing options
Simple legal process
Quality control
Low risk in the process
Requires little personal involvement
Dealing with one entity
facility management and maintenance
Low utility and maintenance costs
After sales services


Our Tech-Tools

Built for seamless user experience, our tools are specially designed for you to gain control over the process, from Buying to Building to Living.


Traditional process will take months to complete, and there is no guarantee what the final cost will be!

Konn is a one-stop-shop solution, where all you have to do is get on the online configurator, choose your land from our land bank, choose your home from our predesigned, pretested homes, choose your preferences and customizations, and make your order. We will connect you and facilitate financing and perform all the work needed to get your dream home in weeks!. You will not have to worry about maintenance or defects because our homes are guaranteed, and we provide comprehensive aftersales services.

But most importantly, Konn homes are fixed price, delivered in 8 weeks, 25% cheaper and 75% faster than traditional construction. And with their high performing structure, they save more than 70% of running costs due to energy consumption and maintenance!

No Need for Expertise

Don't stress about the details, our resident architects and engineers are experts in their fields and will help you make the best choice for your needs

Low Risk, High Gain

Everything is transparent and secure since you deal with only one entity; accountability and responsibility is clear.

Sustainably Made

Our construction process is designed to generate less waste through off-site manufacturing and precast solutions.

Cost Effective

Our energy-saving solutions help you drop your energy consumption by 70%. Our clear and fixed pricing packages are carefully studied and measured to help you lessen any costly waste.

We Cover Everything

Sit back and relax, we handle everything from applying to permits, to managing the project, and delivering your home.

Lifetime Support

Our after sales services include scheduled maintenance checkups, a support hotline, and design upgrades and updates for your home.