From manufacturing to construction to operation, our homes are designed and built to be high performing environmental assets
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 Save Energy

Save 70% of energy needs in comparison with traditional construction. This is thanks to the high thermal insulation that fully encloses the building envelope.

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Damp Free

100% damp free, and therefore provide optimal indoor environments and reduce respiratory disease and asthma, in addition to maintenance costs

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Reduce Waste

Reduce construction waste by more than 50% through offsite construction and manufactured components

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Reduce Pollution

Reduce construction pollution and noise by 75% due to the short duration of time onsite and minimal intervention to the plot

Reduce Water Waste

Reduce water consumption through high performing fixtures and efficient systems that eliminate leakages

Increase Female Employment

Increase the employment of women in construction through safe and technology driven work opportunities

Increase Local Employment

Contribute to the economic and social development through providing high quality local employment opportunities and circulating economic value through distributed manufacturing

Solar Powered

Are fully powered through solar power with the photovoltaic system that can satisfy the energy needs of the home


Konn aligns with the social development goals

We work towards creating the future of homes, where they become active participants in the wellbeing of the planet and people. Through technology and industrialization, Konn’s sustainability agenda combines the social and economic with the environmental.