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Jordan TV

International Women's Day. March, 2023

Al Mamlaka TV

Royal emphasis on the importance of the role of women in innovation and development. March, 2023

Jordan TV

His Royal Majesty: Proud of Jordanian Women’s Accomplishments. March, 2023

Royal Wings

Bank Al Etihad: Empowering Women. March, 2023


Bank al Etihad awards Konn, the winner of the Bank al Etihad Award for Small and Medium Enterprises 2022

Umniah 8log

Sustainable Homes for a Sustainable Environment, 18 September 2022


Meet Konn Technologies, the Jordanian startup bringing innovation to construction, 05 October, 2021


Sustainable Homes in 8 Weeks, 27 June 2021

Jordan News

4 Jordanian women on global list of entrepreneurs, 19 October 2022


4 Jordanian women on Ernst&Young list of global entrepreneurs, 19 October 2022


Konn Technologies, the jordanian start-up which disrupts the construction market in MENA, 07 February, 2021


Meet Konn Technologies, The Jordanian Startups Bringing Innovation To Construction, 27 June 2021

The Straight up Startup

Real estate entrepreneurship with Basel Uraiqat, 28 September 2022

Radio Jordan

Konn Homes – Sustainability & The Built Environment, 05 June 2022

Zinc Podcast

Real Estate Solutions for Sustainable Living, 25 July, 2022

Jordan TV

Innovation in the Cultural Development Sector, 10 September 2022

Swedish Institute

Leadership is Not About Leading People, 24 September 2019

The Jordan Times

Winners of 2nd Edition of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s Innovation Award, 05 June 2022

Seeds of Impact

Seeds of Impact Businesses, 25 July, 2022

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