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Meet the ATOM
December 08, 2022
Technology, Construction

Shipping Containers Are for Shipping, Konn ATOMs are for Living (and everything else)

About 10 years ago, shipping container houses took over the world of modular architecture.  The simple vessel gave many architects a blank canvas to show off their creativity; many are beautiful to look at but lack in practicality.  Below are some of the issues associated with container homes:

  • Containers need to be insulated

Shipping containers are made of steel, so their thermal conductivity is very high.  This isn’t very important when it comes to shipping but when used as a home, this means the inside gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.  To balance the elements, they need to be insulated with polyurethane foam.  The insulation, in addition to necessary plumbing and electrical installation, will increase the cost of the building while reducing the available space.

  • Containers are structurally fragile

Many of the container houses have large windows and are stacked in unique ways; while this makes them visually appealing, doing so weakens the structural integrity.  When used for shipping, containers can hold tons (literally) of weight, but only when they are perfectly aligned since the corner posts handle all of the weight.  When the containers are stacked off center, they need reinforcement.  Containers also need reinforcement for every opening made on the facade as the “walls” of the container are very thin.  Reinforcement need steel structures and it can be quite costly depending on the design.

  • Containers are potentially hazardous

When purchasing a shipping container, it’s easy to track where it’s been but not what it was used for. Many shipping containers are used to transport dangerous chemicals like pesticides and traces can be found throughout the container. Also, the exterior paint on shipping containers may contain phosphorus, chromium, and other carcinogenics, this is to protect the paint against the harsh environment of the sea.

In short, everything that has ever been built was built with a purpose. Shipping containers are great for moving products around the world, but there are alternatives that are both less expensive and safer to live in.

The Konn Alternative: The ATOM

In 2022, Konn introduced the ATOM, a volumetric housing unit that is 20sqm equipped with a living space, kitchenette, and bathroom. While roughly the same size as a 20 foot container, there are many benefits of choosing an ATOM over a container.

  • Plug and Play

The ATOM is fully manufactured under factory conditions and is delivered on site.  Minimal interruption is needed to the environment; electrical, water, and sewage lines are dug and connected just two days before installation.  Since the foundation is built into the ATOM, there is no need for concrete mixing or mess on site.  Once the ATOM arrives to the site, it only needs about 30 minutes to be connected and ready to be used.

  • Different Facades for Different Uses

Konn customers have three different Facades to choose from

A full glass facade (ATOM H+)

Concrete facade with French doors (ATOM H)

Concrete facade with standard door (ATOM Home and Garden)

Whether an unobstructed view or privacy is needed, the ATOM can provide the right amount of visibility.

  • Unlimited possibilities

Guest house

Outdoor Office

Outdoor Gym

Outdoor Kitchen

Pool house

Cabin or Chalet

The uses of the ATOM are endless. Konn has several floorplans available and can be customized based on the needed use. For custom configurations, please contact Konn’s architects so they can review the options with you.

  • It’s beautiful!

The ATOM’s sleek design helps it naturally blend into any environment, whether in a backyard, desert campsite, or by the pool.

How do I order my ATOM?

Ordering an ATOM is simple!  Fill in your information here and Konn’s sales architects will get in touch with you to arrange for a site visit.  They will study the environment and access points and give recommendations based on your needs and lifestyle.  Once the right ATOM has been ordered, minimal preparation and excavation work is completed and before you know it, your ATOM has been installed and is ready to be used!